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Natural Soap

Taking Us Back To Our Ancient Roots

Hello 👋 

I’m Michelle, married to my childhood sweetheart of 27years, and we are parents to four beautiful girls 

By trade I’m a hairstylist, and whilst it has provided me with a wonderful career, I knew it was something I didn’t see myself doing until I retired. 

I have always throughout my adult life had an appreciation for alternative therapies. A few years ago I developed a keen interest in essential oils, and natural products. I knew it was where I wanted my focus to be when my youngest baby started school. The beginning of 2020 I finally decided to start my master herbalist diploma, Then Covid 19 hit!!! I put my studies aside to make room for homeschooling  (my little brain couldn’t handle both ) but I couldn’t put aside a vision I had of making natural products, using essential oils. I mean then it was an even bigger opportunity, what with the time to educate myself, and research all I needed to get my business off the ground.

At first my plan was to start off with candles, melts, and incense. I was fully aware that leading brands in home fragrances were flooding the market with amazing scents, but what I didn’t see a great deal of, was a home fragrance that came with benefits to our mind, body, and soul. Not to mention, natural, environmentally friendly, plant based products! And that was where my idea was born! 

 I took the steps to start my visions in motion, and instead of just making products myself, I  researched and looked into sourcing other amazing products to offer you, including, gemstones & esoteric gifts, candles, melts, essential oils, incense, a choice of candles, incense burners, and holders, a range of spiritual items, gifts, jewellery, and natural skincare products amongst many more goodies. All whilst keeping in mind wanting to provide, organic, vegan, recycled, pure, 100% natural, environmentally friendly, fair trade, non toxic, sustainable products where possible. ♻️ 🌱🌿🌻

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